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Superhero Parties

Sometimes a party just needs a real life superhero! For all the kids that love to save the day, this is the perfect party for them! Make your child’s birthday extra special and empower your party guests with a range of superhero themed games and activities.

All games are tailored to your child’s age!

Our superhero parties include:

  • A male or female superhero party host
  • Superhero Training Academy
  • Superhero limbo!
  • Spiderweb game
  • Catapult game
  • Superhero themed games
  • Parachute games
  • Music and dancing games
  • Pass the Kryptonite parcel
  • Superhero face painting or glitter tattoos
  • Birthday present and prizes
  • A magical birthday wish!
  • FREE superhero Invites

What happens at a superhero party?

Our superhero parties are based around training everyone to become real life superhero’s. After building up their strength, stamina and muscles for the superhero challenges that will follow, your superhero host will lead your guests in hero-themed games and activities.

During a break for lunch  your entertainer will also apply mini paint faces or do glitter tattoos! There’ll also be time for more games, cake cutting and, of course that super special birthday wish.

Superhero Training Academy

Not everyone can save the world – you need to be strong enough to hold up buildings and fast enough to outrun danger! Your party host will teach your little guests how to move just like a superhero – in fact they’ll be taught everything they need in order to save the world!

Spider web game

Elastic is wound around chairs or parents’ legs to form a mini obstacle course for the children to crawl and climb through!

Kryptonite pass the parcel

The children pass the parcel as quickly as they can because Kryptonite is poisonous to superheroes!

Catapult game

The ultimate test of a superhero’s agility! Water balloons (or bean bags) are catapulted into the air. Only the quickest will be able to catch them. 

Superhero invites

Every booking receives free party invites that includes a picture of the birthday boy or girl. We add your child’s photo to the invite, along with your party information, to create something unique and personalised.

The entire team at Neverland Parties will work as hard as we can to ensure that your child’s birthday party is nothing short of perfect. We’re committed to delivering the best possible party your child has ever experienced. We’ve got an extremely successful track record in delivering a 5 star service, just read some of our reviews!

View our testimonials to see what other parents thought about their Neverland’s Party, and book your party today!

Locations: Our male entertainers are available all across London.

Our female entertainers are available across London, Essex, Birmingham, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Kent, Cardiff, Manchester, Bournemouth and Edinburgh.

Disclaimer: “We do not wish to violate or infringe upon any copyright laws. We DO NOT claim to be associated with any copyrighted or name brand character. Our characters are based on general story characters. Resemblances between our entertainers and any copyrighted characters is purely coincidental. All clients booking us must be in acceptance that our characters do not represent licensed copyrighted characters or their stories. Please do not confuse our characters with any trademarked characters”

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