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Social Distance Party

To help ensure your child celebrates their birthday we’re providing Social Distance parties!

Government guidelines now allow for larger groups to meet for life events (such as birthdays), as long as social distancing can be maintained at a minimum of 1metre.

Parties must be held outdoors and we’d recommend only up to 10 children (as long as you can ensure everyone social distances).

For a limited time also get £20.00 off your party!

You can also rearrange your party date at a short notice if needed, for example if the weather isn’t ideal. 

Our Social Distance Parties include:

  • A character party host (choose from any character or party type)
  • Interactive party games tailored to your party type & child’s age
  • Interactive scavenger hunt
  • Dance competitions
  • Musical games and dancing
  • Singing & dance performances
  • Jokes & quizzes
  • Sack racing
  • Birthday gift & prizes (can be sent in the post)

What happens at your Party?

Just because we’re in Lockdown shouldn’t mean your child misses out on their birthday.

Your party host will arrive 30mins beforehand to set-up and get ready, bringing everything necessary for an unforgettable party. The first half will include interactive games, music and lots of dancing, and when it’s time for lunch your guests will be able to enjoy either a quiz, jokes or a singing performance.

After lunch they’re lots more party games, including a scavenger hunt. Just before the end they’ll be time to sing Happy Birthday and take plenty of photos.

All games are tailored to ensure Social Distancing, but parents will be responsible for ensuring the outdoor space can accommodate all guests and the entertainer inline with the governments 2metre social distance rule.


Please note the following: 

–  Parents must abide by the current Social Distancing rules set out by the government.

– Parents must assume responsibility for managing all children to ensure social distance is complied with.

– Parents will be responsible for ensuring the outdoor venue is suitable to host a social distance party with a dedicated area for the entertainer (ideally with power supply).

– An outdoor space can not include a balcony.