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Scooby Doo Parties

Oh no! Someone’s stolen the birthday cake! Will your little guests help solve the mystery to save the day? 

Our Scooby Doo parties are themed around fun, games, and clue solving. Each game played will lead to a new clue.

Chose from Velma, Daphne and Freddy to lead your party.

All our parties are hosted by professionally trained entertainers, with expertise in either singing, acting, dancing or performance art.

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Your Scooby Doo party will include

  • Scooby Doo party host: Velma, Daphne and Freddy
  • Clue solving
  • Themed party games
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Catapult game
  • Pass the parcel / Balloon pop
  • Music & dancing
  • Glitter tattoos or mini face paints

What happens at a Scooby Doo party


Hide the birthday cake!
While not essential we encourage parents to hide the birthday cake, or party bags. We then theme the party around solving the mystery of the missing items!

Party games:

Each game played yields a new clue. Expect your party to be jam packed with games, prizes, music and dancing. All games are tailored to your child’s age and we always make sure everyone’s a winner!

Scavenger Hunt – Some of the clues will be hidden and your little guests will be encouraged to help track them down.

Catapult game: Great for halls and outdoor spaces. Bean bags (or even water balloons) are fired into the air. Only the quickest will be able to catch them.

Balloon pop or pass the parcel: A clue is hidden in one of the balloons, or pass the parcel layers. Guests will need to pop the ballon once the music stops, to reach the clue inside.

Music and dancing games: We’ll play a mixture of music and dancing games, with even a dance competition for the best moves. You’ll even be able to pick your favourite songs too ahead of the party.

Glitter tattoos or mini face painting: While everyone tucks into their delicious food, your entertainer will continue to interact with the children, applying glitter tattoos or mini face paints. Please note we’re only able to do this if you have a lunch break during the party.

Parachute games: Great for younger children. A variety of parachute games will be played with our 3.5m parachute.

The entire team at Neverland Parties will work as hard to ensure that your child’s birthday party is nothing short of perfect. We’ve got an extremely successful track record in delivering a 5 star service, just read some of our reviews!

Testimonials View our 5* feedback