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Lego Ninjago Party

Calling all Lego Ninjago fans! It’s time to train a ninja, building up your strength, stamina and muscles for the superhero challenges that follow.

Your Lego Ninjago entertainer will keep your guests entranced with a wide array of themed party games, music and dancing, all tailored to your child’s age.

All our entertainers come from a professional performance background, whether it be acting, dancing or performance arts.

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Your Ninjago Lego party will include:

  • A male or female Lego Ninjago party entertainer
  • Ninja Training Academy
  • Catapult game
  • Themed party games
  • Music and dancing games
  • Pass the parcel
  • Musical Staties
  • Sack racing
  • Face painting or glitter tattoos
  • Birthday present and prizes
  • A magical birthday wish!

What happens at Lego Ninjago kids party?

Lego Ninjago Party host

Choose from a male of female Ninjago party entertainer. They’ll provide all the games, music and prizes – everything needed for an unforgettable party.

Ninjago Training Academy

Not everyone can be a hero – you need to be strong strong, fast and agile! Your Ninjago entertainer will teach your guests how to move just like a ninja – in fact they’ll be taught everything they need in order to save the world!

Themed party games

No children’s party is complete without music and plenty of party games. We tailor all our games to the age group of the children too, ensuring everyone is involved.

Catapult game

The ultimate test of a Ninja’s agility! Water balloons (or bean bags) are catapulted into the air. Only the quickest will be able to catch them.

Sack racing

It’s a race between superheroes to find out who has the stamina to get from one side of the room and back!

Musical games

Music plays an important part at our parties, with guests playing musical statues, limbo and more!

Glitter tattoos or mini face pins

During a break for lunch  your entertainer will also apply mini face paints or glitter tattoos! Afterwards there’ll be time for more games, cake cutting and, of course that super special birthday wish.


The entire team at Neverland Parties will work as hard as we can to ensure your child’s birthday party is nothing short of perfect. We’re committed to delivering the best possible party your child has ever experienced. We’ve got an extremely successful track record in delivering a 5 star service, just read some of our reviews to find out more!

Lego Ninjago Party Locations

Locations: We provide Lego Ninjago parties all across the UK, including London, Maidstone, Tunbridge, Guildford, Wokingham, Surrey, Maidstone, Tunbridge, Canterbury, Kent,, Sussex, Colchester, South-end-on-sea, Essex, Milton Keynes, Reading, Luton, Slough, Oxford, Swindon, Berkshire; Buckinghamshire; Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, Brighton, Eastbourne, Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Swansea.

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