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Harry Potter Parties

No one can host a truly magical party better than a true wizard!

Your little guests will be thrilled to learn wizard tricks and games, and they’ll get to find out once and for all which house they belong to!

All games are tailored to your child’s age!

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Our Wizard kids parties include:

  • A male or female wizard host
  • Hogwarts House sorting
  • Themed games
  • Broomstick quidditch
  • Spell practice & quizz
  • Catapult game
  • Music and dancing games
  • Musical statues
  • Spell Balloon Pop!
  • Mini face painting or glitter tattoos
  • Magical birthday wish

What happens at a Harry Potter themed party?

Your entertainer will fly on their broomstick into your party with everything necessary to host a truly memorable birthday, including props, games, prizes and more! He or she will start off by welcoming the Young Apprentice Wizards to their first day at wizard school. Each child will then be initiated into their House, using our bespoke or sorting bag.

Highlights of your child’s Party include:

Themed games

Your party will be packed with interactive party games, all of which will be adapted to suit your child’s age. They’ll be plenty of music and dancing too!

Broomstick Quidditch
The Apprentice wizards will ride their broomsticks and navigate an obstacle course skilfully throwing the Snitch into the magic box. The team with the most Snitches in the box wins!

Spell practice

It’s time to learn your spells, and appropriate hand movements of course. Expelliarmus, Expels, Expecto Peritoneum! Little guests must then cast their spell to pop the balloon and win a prize.

Whomping Willow

Tasty sweets are fired into the air using our catapult. Whoever can catch them gets to fire the catapult next.

Music and dancing

Throughout the party they’ll be plenty of music and musical themed games for everyone!

Glitter tattoos and face paints

Whilst everyone tucks into some tasty lunch, your entertainer will apply glitter tattoos or mini face paints. They’ll then be time for lots more party games!

The entire team at Neverland Parties will work as hard as we can to ensure that your child’s birthday party is nothing short of perfect. View our testimonials to see what other parents thought about their Party.


Locations:  Our male entertainers are available all across London, Manchester, Surrey & Bristol. Our female entertainers are available across London, Essex, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Kent, Cardiff, Manchester, Southampton, Bournemouth.

Disclaimer: “We do not wish to violate or infringe upon any copyright laws. We DO NOT claim to be associated with any copyrighted or name brand character. Our characters are based on general story characters. Resemblances between our entertainers and any copyrighted characters is purely coincidental. All clients booking us must be in acceptance that our characters do not represent licensed copyrighted characters or their stories. Please do not confuse our characters with any trademarked characters”

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