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Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions must be agreed upon for all bookings. Regardless of whether the booking was taken over the phone or through our booking system.

Strictly a maximum of 30 children allowed per an Entertainer, unless agreed by us in writing.

A booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been received. Deposits must be paid within 5 days from receipt of your booking form. Please ensure you obtain confirmation of payment.

Our pricing is based per entertianer for the time spent at your party, as opposed to games played or character provided.

We reserve the right to change which Entertainer is allocated to your party.

All bookings are under the agreement that entertainers are self-employed. Entertainers must be paid the remaining party balance on the day of your party. We will act as an intermediary should an unlikely dispute arise between yourself and an Entertainer.

Remaining party balance is due to your entertainer on the day of your party. Your entertainer reserves the right to request this payment before starting the party.

Correct party information (including party date, time, address and character) must be provided at time of booking.

We are not liable for any costs associated with your party outside that of your entertainer.

You acknowledge that all risks associated with your party are borne by yourself. We accept no liability for accidental damage or injury to property or persons.

Parents are responsible for notifying us before the party date if their venue requires additional documentation such as DBS or Insurance certificates. This can then be sent to you with plenty of time before the party date.

We reserve the right to make changes to party format, including equipment used and games played.

Deposits non-refundable. However we are extremely flexible in liaising with you to find an alternative date based on availability.

Glitter tattoos are provided as standard on all 90minute and two hour parties. Parents must notify us in advance if they require face painting or other alternatives.

We require 2 weeks notice for the provision of party bags. Party bags must be paid for in full ahead of your party date.

Force Majeure – We accept no liability for any party lateness or cancellations related to Force Majeure (for example extreme whether, national emergencies etc). You will only ever be charged for the amount of time your entertainer is at your party.

You acknowledge that all characters booked have no association with any other named brands. We do not wish to violate or infringe upon any copyright laws. We have costumes, characters, jewelry, hairstyles and props derived from our imaginations and DO NOT claim to be associated with any copyrighted or name brand character.

Not at all, in fact girls attend most of our parties and enjoy them as much as the boys. We make sure no one is left out and all our party games can be equally enjoyed by everyone.

I have a number of male and female entertainers working for me, but I still tend to do some of the parties myself. I hire only the best and all my entertainers are trained by me personally. Most of my entertainers have an acting background and are trained to deliver the same high energy experience. I will do her best to provide a requested performer however availability can be limited and subject to change due to last minute emergencies, illness and car problems.

The location of your party is entirely up to you. You may choose to host your party in your own home, at a community centre, or other suitable location. We are always very flexible in meeting your needs so  need just enough room for your little guests to sit on the floor comfortably in a circle so average size family room with the coffee table moved out of the way will be room enough! However please be aware that small rooms and shared venues may not be condusive to energetic games and loud music and certain games!

If possible please provide a separate changing room so as it is a  total surprise for the birthday child and right from the beginning your entertainer will want to be in character! We will provide everything that you need for the party, apart from the food which should ideally be supplied approximately an hour into the party. During the food break your entertainer might either help serve tea, make balloons, mini face paint, apply glitter tattoos, tell stories or set up for after tea games. Your entertainer will arrive 30 minutes before the party fully equipped with music, games, balloons and prizes.

We can be available for whenever suits you. Most of our parties are held on weekends between 10 am and 8 pm but party hosts are available weekdays too.

Two-hour parties can have up to 30 guests. If there are likely to be more than 30 children in attendance please get in touch to discuss modifications that can be made to your party. Our one hour party routine works best when there are under 12 children in attendance, however, if there are more guests in attendance, we will gladly amend our party routine to accommodate all guests.

Yes your entertainer will call a few days before the party.Take this time to confirm the character, time and venue of the party along with any special requests.

The party is booked in the entertainers schedule and therefore cannot be delayed as they do have a schedule to keep. If some of your guests are late, they can just join in the party upon arrival.

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